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Match Up Selector

Match Up Selector tool is a online selector tool to help you choose an opponent, partner or assigning a task to a certain group or individual, a student or employee fairly.


How to use Match Up Selector Tool?

Match Up Selector Tool randomize your entries that is separated in two groups and helps you assign one subject to the other. It is a unique selector tool that provides same algorithm with the Wheel of Decision to generates a fair and unique matching result.

The following steps show how to use this Match Up Selector Tool below:

Step #1

Put your entries from Entries #1 and Entries #2. This will be used as the main subject to generate a match based on your input. data-entries.jpg

Step #2

Change the configuration whether or not make the selection can be repeat. repeat-option.jpg

Step #3

Click the shuffle or match up button to generate a result that is fun and fair for everyone. spin-shuffle.jpg

Step #4

After that you can finally see the results that have been selected in blinking colors. match-result.png

Step #5

Like the other tools, this also gives you the ability to see the previous results by clicking the dropdown icon that can be found in the top of your left sidebar. match-prev-result.jpg

In Mobile, the settings can be access by clicking the settings button that is found right below the Match Up Selector Tool. 5-menu-settings.jpg

That's it!

Try other tools too and use it as you see fit. Happy Spinning!