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Letter Selector Wheel (A to Z)

Letter Selection Wheel is a random letter generator used to generate random alphabet letters from A to Z using a wheel same as the Wheel of decision. This is a sub-wheel of the primary choice Wheel of decision devoted to random letter/alphabet generation.

It can be a good source of teaching material, especially for parents or teachers trying to teach the alphabet to their children or students. You can randomly tap the "SPIN" button or the wheel itself to generate a random letter and have your kids/students guess the letter.

We believe this Letter Selection Wheel can be a good source of fun and entertainment for your kids/students while learning at the same time.

There is probably more than we discussed that the Letter Selection Wheel can do. You can use this online tool as you see fit.

Howto use Letter Selector Wheel?

A to Z Wheel Selection is just as fun and entertaining especially for your kids or students.
The following steps show how to use this Letter Selection Wheel as shown below:

Step #1

There are many options for input settings such as "A to Z", "Consonants only", and "Vowels only". You can also enter your own alignment and characters by selecting the Custom Entry option. input-settings.jpg

Step #2

Input Styles. Choose styles depends on your likings. There are a total of 3 style you can choose from:

  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Unset (same as reset to original style)


Step #3

Enter duration number. You can choose how long will the Letter Selection Wheel will spins. This can be useful to add some suspence and ecitement if you have more than one kids/students wants to guess the result. spin-duration.jpg

Step #4

No repeating selection option gives you the ability to not duplicate what was already been selected. This can be useful to control or avoid repeating the letters and that may help your kids/students to tackle all the letter randomly. repeat-option.jpg

Step #5

You may or may not give a title for this specific wheel but in some case you might be like for example:

  • Have your child/student give the assignment of who has the letter 'A', 'B' or 'C'...
  • Assign specific tasks to teams 'A', 'B' or 'C'...
  • and many more!


Step #6

After entring your desired configurations you can now just simply click "SPIN" for the wheel to spin and get you a random yes or no results. spin-button.jpg

Step #7

Spin result will popup a confetti with the random result from the wheel.
Press "Enter" or "Space bar" to exit the popup window. results.jpg

Step #8

The results will always display in this section showing the sequence of the results that you made earlier.
You can always delete either one result or to clear the entire results here. prev-results.jpg

That's it!

Try other tools too and use it as you see fit. Happy Spinning!