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Wheel of Decision

A fully responsive decision maker tool just for you. You can use it on desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone with ease.


What is Wheel of Decision?

Wheel of Decision is a free online webtool that helps you generate random results from a sets of entries. By inserting your inputs and spinning the wheel, you will get an instant random results. Wheel of Decision gives the fairest results by using an advanced algorithms.

People often use this tool for raffles, teaching, remote events, and many other places. The next section details the features of the picker wheel.

How to use it?

Wheel of decision makes random selection quick and easy to use with just three simple steps. Paste your input, spin the wheel and get the result. It has many features that make decision making fun.

Wheel of Decision is surprisingly easy to use. Below are a few steps on a way to use the wheel spinner to make a random selection.

Step #1

In desktop, you can start your entries by going under Configurations section, enter your inputs to the textarea.

In mobile, go to the menu area just right after the "Welcome" message block, and from there, it can be seen directly above the "Share My Wheel" button.
Separate your entries by pressing the enter/return button on your keyboard to insert multiple selection.
Here's a sample entry below to give you an idea of ​​what it looks like.

Step #2

Spin the Wheel of Decision or click the "SPIN" button at the center of the wheel to start random selection.
You can either speed up or shorten the spin duration by selecting speed from 1-10, where 1 is the fastest and 10 is the longest spin duration. Note that spin duration is in seconds and the Wheel of Decision is set to 7 seconds by default.
You have the option of giving your wheel spinner a message for the winner when you get the results by simply inserting your input into the Winner Message input field.
In some cases, you don't want your selection to be repeatedly appearing so we give the ability to whether enable duplicate selection or not. Just tick the "Yes" or " No" checkbox and then you're good to go.

Step #3

Results! Finally!
You can always find the previous results in the "Results" section on the left sidebar and to go do that in mobile, just click the settings at the bottom near the wheel which we have mentioned above and just click the arrow in the "Results" section to toggle down the previous results.